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Wireshark Network Analyzer Mind Map

Hot on the heels of my NetCat Mind Map I am happy to bring you my Wireshark Mind Map.

netcat mind map

Wireshark is the advertised as the worlds foremost network analyzer. It is provided as open source software and is therefore free to download and use.

Wireshark used to be called Ethereal and it is a tool I have been using for a number of years.

Sometimes, when troubleshooting, the ability to capture packets from the network and analyze what is going on is the only way to truly get to the bottom of an issue. There have been so many times when I have fired up Wireshark and fixed a network issue in a matter of minutes.

This really is a tool that you MUST learn how to use if you are involved in any network, security, or sysadmin role. The capture and display filters can be tricky to learn so persevere to get the tool to do what you want it to.

Take a look at the Mind Map and I also suggest you download Wireshark and get testing it on your own network.

I am already working on some more Mind Maps and they will be published soon.

NetCat Mind Map

It has been far too long since I last posted a Mind Map.

netcat mind map

I have recently started the Pentesting with Backtrack (PWB) online course from Offensive Security and I plan to sit the associated exam.

Therefore I thought it would be a great idea to create some more Mind Maps for some of the security tools covered on the PWB course.

So, here is my first of many Mind Maps.

This Mind Map is covering NetCat. NetCat is sometimes referred to as a network swiss army tool. It allows you to listen and redirect input and output to TCP and UDP ports.

Take a look at the Mind Map but the best way to learn this tool is to get a few machines hooked together and play.

Apologies for been away too long and I will ensure that I get some more Mind Maps online as they are created.

Certified Ethical Hacker CEH – Module 6 – Trojans and Backdoors Mind Map

Trojans and BackDoorsWe have just uploaded the next Mind Map in our CEH series of Mind Maps.

This is the Mind Map covering Module 6 of the Certified Ethical Hacker, Trojans and BackDoors.

In This Mind Map we cover what Trojans are, how they propagate and also the most common types of Trojans that make up part of the CEH syllabus.

Trojans are a key topic to understand as part of your CEH study or general security knowledge. They have been a major issue in the security arena for quite a few years and have caused a lot of financial security breaches as well as mischief on industry.

Follow this link to download the Mind Map and please comment on this post to let me know any suggestions you may have on how to improve these Mind Maps.

CISSP Mind Map – Law Investigation and Ethics

CISSP LAW Just returned from my holiday and just completed the next installment for the CISSP Mind Maps.

This Mind Map is for the CISSP Law, Investigation, and Ethics module of the CISSP common body of knowledge. This covers the mainly US laws that are tested on the exam as well as the ISC2 code of ethics that you do get asked about and as a CISSP, are expected to withhold.

Download the Mind Map directly from here and as usual, please comment on this post and let me know your thoughts..


Cracking WEP with BackTrack Mind Map – With Client

I have just uploaded a Mind Map that I created that shows you how to crack WEP 64bit and 128bit using BackTrack version 3.

I regularly use BackTrack 3 as part of my penetration testing toolkit. I have a dedicated laptop built with BackTrack version 3 and use the various command line tools as part of my testing methodology.

This Mind Map shows you how to use the aircrack suite of tools that is included in BackTrack 3. With these tools you are able to crack a wireless WEP key in a few minutes. 

I have had great success with this method and a 100% record of recovering the WEP key when asked to perform this for a client as part of a wireless assessment. I have managed to crack both 64bit and 128bit WEP for customers.

This Mind Map covers cracking WEP when a client is connected to the network. I will also be doing another Mind Map where there are no attached clients. 

Obviously this tool and methodology can only be used on access points that you have the ownership, or permission to carry out such a test.

Download the Mind Map from this link.

Again, please comment on this post to let me know your thoughts.

CISSP Mind Map – Cryptography

CISSP Cryptography Mind MapAfter too long a break, we have uploaded the 5th installment of our CISSP Mind Maps, the CISSP Mind Map for Cryptography.

This Mind Map covers the basics of Cryptography and provides information on the cryptographic algorithms you need to know in order to achieve success in this CISSP Module.

Asymmetric and Symmetric cryptographic algorithms are explained and examples of each are given in order to help the student.

Again, all of this is presented in the Mind Map format which has been created in MindJet Mind Manager.

Download the Mind Map directly from this link.

Get Certified For Less – US/Canada Only

Whilst surfing around, I came across GetCertify4Less. Now, these guys appear to sell VUE testing vouchers at a discount, sometimes over 50%. Some of the vouchers have expiry dates and they do appear to be legitimate. I have read reviews of people who use them with no issue.

They have exam vouchers for Cisco, Microsoft, MOS, Novell, Check Point, IC3 and HIPAA.Check them out at and see what you think! on your Apple iPhone – Mind Mapping

GTD iPhoneI have just enabled iPhone support on the MindCert blog.

So, for those of you fortunate to own an iPhone, you can now browse this blog in Safari on the phone and it is perfectly formed for your iPhone.

To do this, I enabled the iPhone Plugin from Content Robot.

Works a treat and even though the browser support in iPhone is awesome, this little plugin works a treat and really improves the user experience.

Cisco Lifecycle Services Mind Map

Cisco Lifecycle Mind MapThe next in my Cisco Mind Maps is the Mind Map for the Cisco Lifecycle Services. Now, this is only really applicable to those of you who work for a Cisco partner.

With the updated Cisco partner program, they have introduced the Lifecycle Services exam into each job role, for all the specializations.

I had the pleasure of sitting the Lifecycle Services exam, 646-058, for the Advanced Routing and Switching specialization last week. Happy to say I passed it, but found it quite a challenge as it is more project management based than my usual technical exams.

The Lifecycle Services are Cisco’s model for engagement with a customer right through the implementation and optimization stage. The Services Model consists of six main phases. These are:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize

They make up the PPDIOO Model that is used throughout the Lifecycle Services Model.

Please have a look at the Mind Map and as usual, comments are welcome.

Back from the Summer

Well, I am now officially back at it after a nice summer full of holidays, but no so nice British Weather.

I have been busy during the summer months. I successfully completed my training to become a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor. I am now certified to teach the Cisco CCNA class at the Cisco Networking Academy.

I am going to be taking the Cisco Network Security course at the Leeds based Cisco Network Academy from the end of September.

This is great for As I am a great believer in Mind Mapping, you know that I am going to create my students loads of Mind Maps, all of which will be shared here.

I am going to upload another Cisco map this evening.