CISSP Mind Map – Physical Security

CISSP Physical SecurityI am happy to bring you the fourth Mind Map that covers the CISSP Certification. We have already brought you the Mind Map for BCP, Access Control Systems, and Application Development.

This Mind Map covers the Physical Security Domain out of the Common Body of Knowledge. Yep, this is the famous domain that everybody jokes about when studying for the CISSP. Guard Dogs, Security Guards, Security Lighting, it is all in this domain.

When taking the test, this domain was real easy. Just remember the values that are depicted in the Mind Map as well as the pros and cons of each type of Physical control and I am sure you will do just fine.

I have another six Mind Maps to do and I am just spacing them out, would love to hear some feedback. Lots of people download my Mind Maps but not many comment. Are they good? Any suggestions for improvements? Any suggestions for other Mind Maps? Anyway, until next time..

Please Download and Enjoy this Mind Map.

20 thoughts on “CISSP Mind Map – Physical Security

  1. securecyber

    I always pointed that the visual aid resources are the most useful in any study, and particularly the CISSP certification study where the huge number of topics joined together in only 10 domains.
    Good job!

  2. educk


    These Mind-Maps are wonderful, please keep up the good work and PLEASE post the last six ASAP. =)

    And, maybe I’m a bit daft, but is there any way to print these on larger paper so I don’t have to use a magnifying glass to study?


  3. Deepak Seth

    I have found this mindmap really useful to revise the domain on physical security. You know I always forget some topics related to physical security after going through the study material as there is lot to read..and as this map is very brief and to the point so its very useful to have a quick revision on this domain.


  4. Bill

    Thank You so much for the mind maps they will be very useful as I study for my CISSP.

  5. ANeil

    I can hardly read the text when I print out the CISSP mindcerts from adobe. Can you suggest how I can see these properly without having to use a magnifying glass. Also any tips on how to pass CISSP? Should I attend ISC2 bootcamp?

  6. Hartmut Goebel

    Publishing the editable file of the maps would be even more helpfull. One could add his/her own stuff

  7. Mohammed Abdul Waheed

    I will be grateful to you, if you can provide me the files for the other domains as well. Kindly reply back if you have made any or not.

    Thanks a lot

    Mohammed Abdul Waheed

  8. Kevin H

    Great aids to the CISSP material but I do have one complaint, could you produce these with printing in mind, even on A3 these are painful to read? Apart from that thanks.

  9. Kevin R.C. O'Brien

    These mindmaps are excellent and they’ve given me some ideas for making my own. It looks like it’s been a long time since you did one for the CISSP exam and I hope that you will finish the planned series.

    You can print these in large size with the right printer, or have a print shop do it for you. They scale nicely, being PDFs, and the posters are great to study. Most people who’ve worked in networking may remember a broadly similat map of network protocols that Network Solutions used to point out as a big poster. Having a poster sized mindmap of a complicated technical domain is also a great way to put MBAs to sleep or to drive them weeping from your lair.

    I did see one apparent error in this fourth, Physical Security, mind map. In the upper left corner, where you discuss Power & Noise, there’s a stub line, as if you were going to have subheads “Power” and “Noise”! It’s a very small thing and does not detract from the utility of the map at all.

    Thank you again for these brilliant mindmaps. Even if you do no more you have done a very great service!

  10. mohamed helmy

    I love these mindmaps a lot. They are useful for summarizing all those many topics in CISSP

    But, till we are all waiting for the remaining 6 topics


  11. wc2489

    I love visual learning and the spacial aspect of mindmaps in particular. Thank you for posting these– I expect these will be invaluable as I begin my CISSP cert path.

  12. Fodor

    I am studying for the CISSP this june and I find your visual aids to be useful. I got my PMP with visual charts and MP3 study aids so I hope I have a clue how to do this now. Keep up the good work!

  13. mo


    i think these are great mind maps. I could not find mind maps for the following domains:

    Information Sec Risk management
    Operations Security
    Security Architecture and models
    Telecommunications and Network Security

    Are these available here ?

    Thank you in advance.


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