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Get Certified For Less – US/Canada Only

Whilst surfing around, I came across GetCertify4Less. Now, these guys appear to sell VUE testing vouchers at a discount, sometimes over 50%. Some of the vouchers have expiry dates and they do appear to be legitimate. I have read reviews of people who use them with no issue.

They have exam vouchers for Cisco, Microsoft, MOS, Novell, Check Point, IC3 and HIPAA.Check them out at and see what you think! on your Apple iPhone – Mind Mapping

GTD iPhoneI have just enabled iPhone support on the MindCert blog.

So, for those of you fortunate to own an iPhone, you can now browse this blog in Safari on the phone and it is perfectly formed for your iPhone.

To do this, I enabled the iPhone Plugin from Content Robot.

Works a treat and even though the browser support in iPhone is awesome, this little plugin works a treat and really improves the user experience.

Cisco Lifecycle Services Mind Map

Cisco Lifecycle Mind MapThe next in my Cisco Mind Maps is the Mind Map for the Cisco Lifecycle Services. Now, this is only really applicable to those of you who work for a Cisco partner.

With the updated Cisco partner program, they have introduced the Lifecycle Services exam into each job role, for all the specializations.

I had the pleasure of sitting the Lifecycle Services exam, 646-058, for the Advanced Routing and Switching specialization last week. Happy to say I passed it, but found it quite a challenge as it is more project management based than my usual technical exams.

The Lifecycle Services are Cisco’s model for engagement with a customer right through the implementation and optimization stage. The Services Model consists of six main phases. These are:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize

They make up the PPDIOO Model that is used throughout the Lifecycle Services Model.

Please have a look at the Mind Map and as usual, comments are welcome.

Back from the Summer

Well, I am now officially back at it after a nice summer full of holidays, but no so nice British Weather.

I have been busy during the summer months. I successfully completed my training to become a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor. I am now certified to teach the Cisco CCNA class at the Cisco Networking Academy.

I am going to be taking the Cisco Network Security course at the Leeds based Cisco Network Academy from the end of September.

This is great for As I am a great believer in Mind Mapping, you know that I am going to create my students loads of Mind Maps, all of which will be shared here.

I am going to upload another Cisco map this evening.

Cisco CCNA Level IP Routing

cisco ccnaNow, this is a Mind Map I have just created for something else I am doing and thought I would share it. It is quite basic and one of many more Cisco ones that will follow. Well, I am a CCIE and published author of several Cisco Press Books 🙂

Anyway, this is right out of the Cisco CCNA level routing requirements. This is a very basic Mind Map that covers the real basics, I will be expanding all of these and aim to do a complete CCNA set of Mind Maps as I am doing for the CISSP and CEH.

Again, please let me know your comments. I do these because I like to think they are used. I love to hear who is using these and how.

Enjoy the Mind Map.

Configuring Secure Shell SSH on Cisco Devices

I have just been configuring SSH on some Cisco Routers so I thought I would Mind Map the process as I must admit it is a while since I have done it and I needed to think about the process.

As we all know, SSH should pretty much always be used when configuring Cisco equipment. In fact, I cannot think of any reason why you would not use it on a device which has the capability to be administered with SSH.

I still find core switches that have Telnet enabled and not SSH. Plucking the authentication passwords from the wire is child’s play, even in switched networks.

So, download and read this Mind Map and use it as an aid when you have to configure SSH on Cisco Devices.

New Cisco Blog –

Cisco NewsA couple of friends of mine have just launched a new blog called at

The guys who run the blog are all Cisco qualified and also busy working on furthering their certifications. The site is worth a look, with some good custom written content as well as syndicated news from various other resources.

Hopefully we will see some Cisco Certification resources on the site in the not to distant future.

Cisco IPsec Mind Map – Cisco CCIE Security and CCSP

Thought it was time to show you all what this site is about. Here is the first of my Mind Maps brought to you on

This Mind Map covers IPsec on Cisco devices and acts as a memory jogger utilzing the Mind Mapping techniques to bring together both sides of your brain. We will cover Mind Mapping techniques in much greater detail in the future but I thought it would be good to give you some examples of what this site is going to offer.

This Mind Map is relevant to the Security CCIE as well as the Cisco CCSP exams. Of course, all of these Mind Maps are also handy references for learning about a specific technology and there are a lot more to come.

The IPsec Mind Map can be downloaded HERE.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts about this.

Cisco Firewall Technologies – My Latest Book

Cisco Firewall TechnologiesJust thought I would let you all know about the release of my latest book from Cisco Press.

This is the first “Short Cut” that I have done. These are like mini books that have a quick time to market so you can actually write about a current product.

This Short Cut covers firewall technologies from Cisco. The IOS Firewall, PIX, Firewall Services Module (FWSM) and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) are all covered.

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