Certified Ethical Hacker CEH – Module 6 – Trojans and Backdoors Mind Map

Trojans and BackDoorsWe have just uploaded the next Mind Map in our CEH series of Mind Maps.

This is the Mind Map covering Module 6 of the Certified Ethical Hacker, Trojans and BackDoors.

In This Mind Map we cover what Trojans are, how they propagate and also the most common types of Trojans that make up part of the CEH syllabus.

Trojans are a key topic to understand as part of your CEH study or general security knowledge. They have been a major issue in the security arena for quite a few years and have caused a lot of financial security breaches as well as mischief on industry.

Follow this link to download the Mind Map and please comment on this post to let me know any suggestions you may have on how to improve these Mind Maps.

4 thoughts on “Certified Ethical Hacker CEH – Module 6 – Trojans and Backdoors Mind Map

  1. Edwin Yip

    nice map. I think there are too many child nodes of the branch on the right, maybe group them into several sub-branches will make it easier to read (if possible) 🙂

    Edwin Yip

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  2. Dan

    These are great, I am preparing for the C|EH and these will help a ton! There are so many tools to keep track of, it’s crazy.

  3. Neil

    I’m in the process of studying for the C|EH and ran across this site. This is the first I’ve seen on MindMapping but I really like the layout of the information. I was just curious how most access the information since the PDF is so packed with info it’s unreadable when printed.

    Thanks for the great work.


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