Get More Things Done – Cut Out the Distractions –

Be sure to check out and sign up for is a new free service that has just gone beta that provides safe Internet browsing. I have kids and I have configured this on their computers so that I can assured that what they are searching for in Google, is verified and filtered to take the nasties out. There is nothing to set up apart from making a change to your DNS servers which can be done manually or their is a Windows application that does it for you.I am also using this on my desktop right now and find it a great way to reduce the distractions so I can focus on getting things done.WebWithout offers


  • 100% FREE
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Protect your family from inappropriate content
  • Protect yourself against Phishing attacks
  • Filters over 2 million web sites!
  • 100% Spyware/Adware Free
  • Improve your online experience
  • Fantastic, easy to use service
  • And if you are not happy, it is easy to remove!

Since this is free, seems a no brainer really so go ahead and give it a go. on your Apple iPhone – Mind Mapping

GTD iPhoneI have just enabled iPhone support on the MindCert blog.

So, for those of you fortunate to own an iPhone, you can now browse this blog in Safari on the phone and it is perfectly formed for your iPhone.

To do this, I enabled the iPhone Plugin from Content Robot.

Works a treat and even though the browser support in iPhone is awesome, this little plugin works a treat and really improves the user experience.

Cisco Lifecycle Services Mind Map

Cisco Lifecycle Mind MapThe next in my Cisco Mind Maps is the Mind Map for the Cisco Lifecycle Services. Now, this is only really applicable to those of you who work for a Cisco partner.

With the updated Cisco partner program, they have introduced the Lifecycle Services exam into each job role, for all the specializations.

I had the pleasure of sitting the Lifecycle Services exam, 646-058, for the Advanced Routing and Switching specialization last week. Happy to say I passed it, but found it quite a challenge as it is more project management based than my usual technical exams.

The Lifecycle Services are Cisco’s model for engagement with a customer right through the implementation and optimization stage. The Services Model consists of six main phases. These are:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize

They make up the PPDIOO Model that is used throughout the Lifecycle Services Model.

Please have a look at the Mind Map and as usual, comments are welcome.

Back from the Summer

Well, I am now officially back at it after a nice summer full of holidays, but no so nice British Weather.

I have been busy during the summer months. I successfully completed my training to become a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor. I am now certified to teach the Cisco CCNA class at the Cisco Networking Academy.

I am going to be taking the Cisco Network Security course at the Leeds based Cisco Network Academy from the end of September.

This is great for As I am a great believer in Mind Mapping, you know that I am going to create my students loads of Mind Maps, all of which will be shared here.

I am going to upload another Cisco map this evening.

Cisco CCNA Level IP Routing

cisco ccnaNow, this is a Mind Map I have just created for something else I am doing and thought I would share it. It is quite basic and one of many more Cisco ones that will follow. Well, I am a CCIE and published author of several Cisco Press Books 🙂

Anyway, this is right out of the Cisco CCNA level routing requirements. This is a very basic Mind Map that covers the real basics, I will be expanding all of these and aim to do a complete CCNA set of Mind Maps as I am doing for the CISSP and CEH.

Again, please let me know your comments. I do these because I like to think they are used. I love to hear who is using these and how.

Enjoy the Mind Map.

Configuring Secure Shell SSH on Cisco Devices

I have just been configuring SSH on some Cisco Routers so I thought I would Mind Map the process as I must admit it is a while since I have done it and I needed to think about the process.

As we all know, SSH should pretty much always be used when configuring Cisco equipment. In fact, I cannot think of any reason why you would not use it on a device which has the capability to be administered with SSH.

I still find core switches that have Telnet enabled and not SSH. Plucking the authentication passwords from the wire is child’s play, even in switched networks.

So, download and read this Mind Map and use it as an aid when you have to configure SSH on Cisco Devices.

Certified Ethical Hacker – Module 5 – System Hacking Mind Map

Here is the fifth Mind Map in the Certified Ethical Hacker CEH series from

This Mind Map covers System Hacking. There are nine sections to this Mind Map.

They are: Remote Password Guessing, Eavesdropping, Denial of Service, Privilege Escalation, Keystroke Loggers,  Password Cracking, Covering Tracks,  Remote Control, and Covering Tracks.

This is quite a large Mind Map as you can see and it covers a lot of topics. As normal, the subjects are covered and then associated tools are provided complete with links that show where to download the tools from. All of the tools are what are in the CEH syllabus and I would recomend you looking at each one of these tools in order to ensure you know what they do, and how they do it.

The CEH exam has a large focus on the tools you use so take advantage of these links and install the tools to play with. You cannot beat first hand experience.

As always, please feed back comments about the Mind Map and follow this link to download it.

    Online Mind Mapping –

    online mind mappingI was a private beta tester for MindMeister and I have been using it for some development planning for RandomStorm, one of my new business ventures.

    I must say that I am very impressed with what has been achieved by MindMeister.

    Now, it is pretty obvious that I am a huge fan of Mind Mapping. What MindMeister gives you is an online system, in true Web2.0 style for creating and managing Mind Maps.

    Where MindMeister really comes into it’s own is the online collaboration. For example, seven people from RandomStorm have got access to the development Mind Map that I have created. I simply created this Mind Map, and then I shared the Map with the other users. Two of the other employees were already MindMeister users and five were not. The five that were not were first sent an invitation to join MindMeister and then they are sent a link where they can join and share my map. I can collaborate with all of these people at once and the online collaboration is really cool, being able to see other people editing the Mind Map in real time.

    Again, what a fantastic tool for group collaboration. You can even Skype call or Skype IM from directly within the Mind Map to other users of the Mind Map.

    The AJAX interface of MindMeister is great. Amazing how far technology has come in order to facilitate something like this. Sure, there are not as many features as MindManager from MindJet or the other desktop based Mind Mapping applications that I would still use on my Mac. However, for a free online collaboration tool, keeping with the Mind Mapping tradition then MindMeister blows the socks of any other online tool I have used and it safely in place for my list of applications that will become my corporate standard.

    Visit the site now, and see why I am ranting on about how cool this is 🙂

    New Cisco Blog –

    Cisco NewsA couple of friends of mine have just launched a new blog called at

    The guys who run the blog are all Cisco qualified and also busy working on furthering their certifications. The site is worth a look, with some good custom written content as well as syndicated news from various other resources.

    Hopefully we will see some Cisco Certification resources on the site in the not to distant future.

    Certified Ethical Hacker – Module 4 – Enumeration Mind Map

    Here is the fourth Mind Map in the Certified Ethical Hacker CEH series of Mind Maps aimed to help you pass the exam by improving your study retention, a lot more than practice questions do.

    This Mind Map covers Enumeration, which is the fourth module in the CEH. Enumeration is where you use active connections to identify resources on a given host. These resources may be network resources, users and groups, as well as applications and banners.

    This Mind Map covers the main forms of Enumeration such as NetBIOS EnumerationNull Session Enumeration, SNMP Enumeration as well as Active Directory Enumeration. Sample tools that can be used to Enumerate in each instance are also provided.

    As always, I hope you enjoy this Mind Map and please comment to let me know your thoughts as you are all rather slow at letting me know if this work is appreciated.

    Proceed to download the Mind Map on Enumeration for the Certified Ethical Hacker.